Cycle to MIPIM with Joe Wade

We spoke to Joe Wade to find out about his journey from London to Cannes, supporting The Legal and General Cycle To MIIPIM with the crew at Club Peloton! Talking to us about; his experience, a typical on the event and his worst moment…. 😉 A bit about Joe… My name is Joe Wade and I am a […]
At the start of Cycle to MIPIM in London 🇬🇧

We spoke to Joe Wade to find out about his journey from London to Cannes, supporting The Legal and General Cycle To MIIPIM with the crew at Club Peloton!

Talking to us about; his experience, a typical on the event and his worst moment…. 😉

A bit about Joe…

My name is Joe Wade and I am a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist from the Isle of Wight. I qualified just over 2.5 years ago with the LSSM and haven’t looked back since, working within CrossFit Valentis, a highly thought of Sports Therapy orientated gym. I am a runner by trade and have been competing in athletics events from the age of six. Running guided me to a degree in Strength and Conditioning in London, a Masters in Kinesiology in Texas and ultimately my Level 5 Massage qualification. I feel that my experiences in sport and education has been a fantastic base in which to treat people from. I work in clinic during the week, have experience massaging at local sports teams and a variety of events from ultra-running to CrossFit competitions.

Is this your first event with Roadside Therapy? If no, how did it compare to your previous event? 

Cycle to MIPIM has been my second event with Roadside Therapy, the first being the Royal British Legion Pedal to Paris. Both point to point charity cycling events but very different from one another. P2P was a shorter ride but all the riders set out to ride all of it, choosing to ride in one of three groups depending on pace. Whereas Cycle to MIPIM included traveling further and longer days in the saddle, however, riders had the option to jump on a support coach if they needed to sit out a stage or two to recharge their batteries.

The similarities from a therapist point of view included … Long days! But incredibly fun days working alongside great therapists helping riders endure through tough rides.

What had you hoped to get out of the event? 

One of the many awesome aspects to being a therapist is having the option to apply your skills in many different situations on a variety of people. I like to get out of clinic to work with other therapists, being self-employed working as the only Massage Therapist in a gym, means it’s great to watch other therapists be effective in different ways. It’s a great learning experience.

At the finish in Cannes! Beers in hand 🍻

Tell us about the event…

Cycle to MIPIM was a six day ride from London to Cannes organised by Club Peloton. The destination was a hugely popular conference and the 200 riders raised a whopping £500,000 for CORAM, an amazing use. There were two routes to Cannes, one via Portsmouth and one via Folkestone, 100 riders and 4 therapist on each route.

Morning warm-up session!

Talk us through a typical day:

4.45am – Wake up call for breakfast at 5am

6am – Lead rider warm up before rolling out

7am-5pm – Riding on the coach during stages, setting up and massaging between stages. Start but massaging riders on the coach first then the riders as they roll in. There would usually be 4 stops during this time.

5.30pm – 3 of the 4 of us would continue onto the hotel while the 4th would remain behind to lead a stretching session at the last stop.

6.30pm – Arrive at hotel before riders, help unload and sort the luggage. Set up couches, quick shower and then much needed sustenance.

7.30-11pm – Treating riders throughout the evening, massaging, stretching and taping, anything to help the riders wake up ready to go again the following day.

11.30pm – Time to have zero trouble falling asleep.

Types of issues most often seen on your massage table?

We saw a wide variety of issues but I would say neck and knee problems were most common, mainly from holding a position on the bike for long periods. Although we did have a bout of achilles issues towards the end of the week in which Rocktape was the saviour.

Selfies on route to Cannes! 📷

Favourite moment?

Watching all the riders gleefully roll in at Cannes satisfied with their achievement. Icing on the cake for us was knowing that we had played some part helped them get to that point. Bit cheesy but it’s a great feeling.

Worst moment?

Worst/funniest moment would have to be coming off the coach post power nap (perhaps not so powerful). I unknowingly picked up my water bottle instead of my lotion and kind of gave my client a surprise cold shower! Luckily he saw the funny side, as did my fellow therapists.

Therapy Tip? Anything to include in your massage kit bag? 

For events like this I will always pack some kinesiology tape, towards the end of a long week of riding when massage and stretching can only go so far tape can give the rider the support they need to get over the finishing line.

Medals for the riders at the finish!

Other skills required 

Mobility and recovery techniques very much come in handy. When there is not enough time to treat everybody, group mobility sessions can help more people in one hit! This also teaches the riders how to relieve any aches and pains before they become a real issue, also leaving more time for us to treat riders who need that little bit extra attention.

Enjoyment factor 

Even though it is a week of long days and little sleep, this is quickly forgotten when you are working with great people, not only the therapists but the whole Club Peloton team and riders.

They made it to Cannes! 🇫🇷

Want to leave some feedback for Joe? Or want to find where he is based? You can pop over to his Therapist Listing page here.  You can also follow Joe by popping over to his business Facebook page at Wade Massage Therapy ✌🏼

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