Terms & Conditions

Agreement concluded between Roadside Therapy, and The Affiliate.
This is not a contract but forms the basis of an understanding between the two parties.
1. About the Affiliation Scheme
The Roadside Therapy Affiliate Scheme offers selected Sports Therapists, including practitioners of Sports Massage, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation, the chance to join the Roadside Team. The selected practitioner will be provided with the opportunity to work at selected Sporting events in Europe and benefit from the brand’s reputation and support structure.
2. Affiliation Period & Cost
The scheme is valid for a period of one year renewable annually, subject to confirmation from Roadside Therapy’s Director. The annual cost for Therapist Affiliation is £75 and is payable online via Roadside Therapy website, www.roadsidetherapy.co.uk, when a Therapist adds their details to the Therapy Listings accompanied by appropriate documentation.


3. Ethos
Roadside Therapy was created in 2015 with a desire and aim to provide high end Sporting Events with qualified, insured and passionate manual therapists.
Our ethos is to ensure that you, as an affiliated Therapist, receive 100% attention, guidance and support, with an overall aim to provide you with a wealth of knowledge and industry experience.
4. Culture
Therapists affiliated to The Roadside Therapy Team are ambassadors for the brand.
They are skilled therapists in their field. They are knowledgeable about sport and the impact & stresses on the body. They are personable, professional, passionate, driven and excel within a team environment.
The Therapist at a Sporting Event will form an integral part of the ‘crew’ and be willing to assist with general crew tasks – should they be required (for example, feed stations, driving).
5. Eligibility criteria
Eligible practitioners must :

  • Be qualified as a Manual Therapist practitioner to Level 3 or above. *Proof required.
  • Be fully insured for all relevant skills. *Proof of valid insurance required.
  • Have a minimum of two years experience within their chosen field.
  • Participate regularly in their chosen sport; compete fairly and follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • Have no criminal record.

6. Roadside Therapy Commitments
Roadside Therapy will endeavour to:

  • Support and promote the affiliated Therapist through the Roadside Therapy website, all social media channels and our event database wherever relevant.
  • Supply the affiliated Therapist with; two Roadside Team t-shirts and a Roadside hoody, a copy of the company logo, a Certificate of Affiliation and Roadside Team business cards.
  • Display a listing on Roadside Therapy’s website, to include a photo and relevant links to the Therapist’s contact details.
  • Provide the Therapist with paid event opportunities. Allowing them to travel the world and broaden their knowledge within this field.

7. The Affiliate Commitments
The Affiliate will endeavour to:

  • Support and endorse Roadside Therapy at all times and comply to the company’s ethos and culture as outlined above.
  • Behave in a professional manner at all times when on Roadside Therapy events and refrain from doing anything that could compromise the company’s reputation.
  • Abstain from making negative statements and comments to a third person that could damage the image of the brand or therapists on the Roadside Team.
  • Always work as a team and not to entice clients away from the Roadside Team. Always refer to the therapist section of the website in the event of queries and/or provide them with a
  • Roadside Team business card.
  • Wear Roadside Team branded clothing when representing Roadside Therapy (own clothing can be worn at evening meals).
  • Within twitter bio, display ‘Part of the @Roadsideteam’.
  • Have their photo taken in Roadside Team kit for the company website, and to agree to other relevant photos to be displayed online.
    Include @RoadsideTeam in any tweets regarding to travel to/during/from from events with
  • Roadside Therapy. To RT any of our relevant tweets.
    To ‘like’ Roadside Therapy Facebook page, share and/or tag the Roadside Therapy page in any relevant posts and pro-actively encourage clients to post reviews and feedback to the
  • Roadside Therapy Facebook page.

• Copy of Affiliate’s certificates*
• Copy of Affiliate’s valid insurance policy*
• Agreement to Terms and Conditions*
• Payment of Affiliate fee (non-refundable after 14 days)*